The Fancy Stamper

Deb's Life as The Fancy Stamper

Life in the Fast Lane - Ok, not too fast.....
As a long time person who loves to craft, my newest adventure is allowing me to more fully explore the paper crafting hobby I've grown to love. Join me for more fun!
In my family I've always been the black sheep. The one who always wanted a pony, brought home the stray puppy or kitten (or most famously a six foot boa constrictor!) My parents often asked where I came from since they were dedicated pet-avoiders. 
It should have been no great surprise that I also loved crafting, home canning, gardening, painting, and most other creative outlets that my family just didn't care about. 
While I'm new at being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, I've got a lifetime of skill working with people. Please consider checking out my Stampin' Up! page and placing an order there. to order 24/7. Please include your contact information so I can send you a thank you card! Who doesn't like more homemade cards?

I'll gladly send you a new Stampin' Up! catalog with your first order.
I grew up in a family of six kids, as the oldest I was responsible for my younger siblings most of the time. After high school I got a full time job thinking college wasn't for me. At that time the big aircraft companies were paying great money for unskilled labor. There I met my husband who also worked for the giant aerospace industry.

After being married for 7 years (and having two cute little babies) I wanted to go back to school. This I did with the full support of my awesome husband, and got my ADN degree as a registered nurse. This began my career as an RN. I've only worked at two giant hospitals here in the Los Angeles area, the first one for 7 years and the second one for the past 16 years. I've learned so much throughout my nursing career and went back to school to earn my bachelors and then masters degree in nursing education.

All the time I was working as a nurse I had many creative outlets to help me deal with the stress of my job. I've always felt nursing is more a calling than a simple job, so it feels funny calling it that. However, paper crafting was always a big part of my creative fun.

Only recently did I decide to become an independent demonstrator.

By ordering through me you have the convenience of doing everything online. At my secure website for Stampin' Up! everything is safe for your private info.

If you want to earn extra rewards by hosting your own workshop (the more product sold the more rewards you get!) you can do so 100% online!
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